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Smartec Group’s ‘Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality’ (HSSEQ) team proactively plan, document, improve and control Smartec Group’s processes and service quality. All data and document controls are managed using a centralised management system.

Our approach to health, safety and environmental leadership and its supporting systems can be framed in terms of present and felt leadership of the workforce, focused on a healthy and safe person working in a hazard and risk migrated workplace.


We continuously create value for our customers by systematically building on our safety culture and developing initiatives that are sustainable and embedded throughout the business. Smartec Group's initiatives and technical innovations assist to manage, report and deliver on our internal management plans, workplace practices and policies. 

Smartec Group’s continual focus on the health and safety of its people continues to pay dividends, with all areas showing improvements. The improvements have been achieved through the strong leadership of our management team combined with the cooperation and commitment of our people. Maintaining a safe, efficient and compliant workplace is a never ending pursuit and ongoing vigilance is required at all levels.

The Smartec Group is an advocate for protecting its team members and the environment. The company has embedded the themes of environmental protection and conservation into recurring themes in the company. The company also states that it is making a concerted effort to train its members, staff, and other employees (contractors) to make sure the Smartec Group management and staff consider these themes of conservation and protecting the environment in their decision-making policies.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is certified to the Australian Standards. Smartec Group utilises third party accreditation management systems that are industry specific and based on decades of experience obtained undertaking small to major projects and contracts within the telecommunication field.


The word sustainability has several connotations. This word is synonymous with corporate social responsibility (CSR); occasionally, business leaders use it interchangeably with corporate social responsibility.


Sustainable business practices are actions by a business that indicate the practice of social responsibility. In recent years, the term has come to refer to a company’s relationship with its surrounding environment and its use of the air, water, land, forests, animals, minerals, fossil fuels, and other natural resources, which are all finite. Smartec believes the wise use of such natural resources by our company is ultimately in the best interest of all we interact with. By preserving these resources, Smartec assures that they will be available for present and for future needs.

Smartec Group has several practices that indicate its position regarding sustainability. In addition, Smartec Group’s sustainability goals focus on two areas: First, reducing the company’s operating impact on the planet and secondly, inspiring others to do the same. 


Our Basic Safety Attitudes are:

  1. Safety is everyone’s responsibility 

  2. Our leaders focus on lead safety indicators to create a safer tomorrow 

  3. Have a safety moment every day

  4. Everyone has the potential to create a safer workplace  

  5. If unsure seek safety advice

  6. If it’s not safe – don’t do it

  7. We want everyone to go home safely

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